Silk Scarf Style

7 different ways to tie a silk scarf

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Silk scarf (French Foulard) as a perfect complement to your outfit. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of neckerchiefs and scarves. Accordingly, it was time to publish a post with different tying techniques. How to combine a silk scarf or silk handkerchief with an outfit? Take a look at my pictures, maybe that’s a little inspiration for you. How do I wear silk scarves and scarves in the summer? There will also be posts and more scarf tutorials in the future. Visit my blog in the future to gather more ideas. Keep an eye on the posts linked below, that’s how you’ll find out if there’s anything new. I teamed up with Elizabetta and we decided to give the scarves a little more attention. Elizabetta, a silk scarf producer (I’ve already written about this Italian family business here), wanted to introduce my tying “skills” to the customers. So I came up with the idea of ​​writing a post at the same time. My post shows what you can do with these wonderful treasures. For those seeking professional know-how in addition, Elisabetta offers it (as well as the handmade scarves and handkerchiefs). There are also a few ideas for men who are also stylishly on the go. (Oh, I love the Italian sense of fashion and elegance).

What is a silk scarf?

Silk scarves are timeless accessories that remain faithful to us over the years. They don’t know what’s in and out. They can pep up any otherwise boring outfit and have a certain protective function (neck). Silk scarves come in many sizes: 70 cm × 70 cm, 90 cm × 90 cm (the classic), or 110 cm × 110 cm. A small so-called “nicki” scarf is about 50 cm × 50 cm in size.

Hermes first introduced the square silk scarf to the market in 1937. It became famous thanks to Jackie Kennedy in the 1960s, a style icon. Since then, a silk scarf has been an indispensable part of fashion.

Silk, a luxury item, but there's a lot behind it.

Silk is an animal fiber and is obtained from the cocoons of the silkworm, the larva of the silk moth (mulberry moth). Before the caterpillar pupates, it first spins a tangle of silk. This tangle of silk is also known as flock silk and can be up to 3000 meters long. She then rests and hatches after 18 days. Since the butterfly would destroy the cocoon, a breeder prevents this after just 10 days. He kills the embedded larva and keeps the hatched mulberry spider for breeding. The larvae are washed out and the silk threads cleaned. Only then can the thread be unwound. Many fibers are plucked to get clean raw silk.

Seven different styling ideas follow. Get inspired!

Shawls and scarves tutorials

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