9 pieces – 16 outfits – Small summer capsule wardrobe

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Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes the question: What should I wear? With a well-thought-out capsule wardrobe, you can minimize the agony of choice and still always look good. Here, I present to you a small summer capsule wardrobe that consists of only 9 pieces and allows you to create 16 different outfits for everyday life, work, and special occasions.

Sommer Capsule Wardrobe

All 16 outfits in the video!

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The Basics: 4 Bottoms

  • Elegant fabric trousers in white: A timeless choice that works well both in the office and at chic events.
  • Ankle-length linen trousers: Perfect for hot days, as linen feels pleasantly cool on the skin while still looking elegant.
  • Elegant Bermuda shorts: A stylish alternative for casual and relaxed office outfits.
  • Pleated midi skirt in cream: A feminine and versatile skirt.

The Tops: 5 Classics

  • Classic white blouse: An indispensable basic that can be combined with any bottom.
  • Top with sequins: For special occasions or to add a touch of glamour to an everyday outfit.
  • Suit vest: Can be worn alone or over other tops.
  • Black polo shirt: Sporty yet chic – ideal for casual business meetings or leisure activities.
  • Basic top: A simple top that can be combined in many ways.

Additionally: blazer

A blazer is a true all-round talent. It makes any outfit special and is perfect for achieving layering effects. Choose a blazer in a neutral color like black or cream to maximize the combination possibilities.

White Pants & Linen Pants – Maison 123 Paris

Summer Capsule Wardrobe - 9 Pieces - 16 Outfits

Outfits with white trousers:

  • White pants with polo shirt: Perfect for everyday wear or a casual business meeting.

  • White pants with sequin top: Glamour and shimmer for special occasions or a fancy dinner.

  • White pants with a top and blazer: For business meetings or formal occasions.

  • White pants with classic white blouse: A timeless classic that is suitable for both office wear and leisure time.

Outfits with linen trousers:

  • Linen pants with white blouse: Light and airy, ideal for warm summer days in the office or for a chic casual look.

  • Linen pants with top and blazer: Perfect for business meetings.

  • Linen pants with polo shirt: Sporty yet chic, ideal for a relaxed day.

  • Linen pants with top and a blazer: A versatile outfit that works well for professional and semi-formal occasions.

Outfits with the Skirt

  • Rock with Vest: A trendy look that is great for creative professions or city strolls.

  • Rock with Polo Shirt: A casual yet elegant look, ideal for leisure and everyday life.

  • Rock with White Blouse: A feminine and timeless outfit, suitable for both office and special occasions.

  • Rock with Top and Blazer: An elegant combination, perfect for business meetings.

Outfits with Bermuda Shorts:

  • Bermuda shorts with a white blouse: A fresh look for warm days that works for both the office and leisure time.

  • Bermuda shorts with a polo shirt and vest: A fashionable look that can be worn casually at work.

  • Bermuda shorts with a vest and blazer: A stylish look for semi-formal occasions.

  • Bermuda shorts with a sequined top: A glamorous look for evening events or special occasions.

Alle 16 Outfits im Video oben, inklusive ein Blusen Hack!

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